A workshop on the art of to he making will be held at the Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Centre on July 30 (Photo: asialuxuryresorts.com)

Hanoi (VNA) - The Hanoikids Voluntary English Club continues its Culture Puzzle – a series of cultural workshops, which not only provide simple knowledge but also give a chance for attendants to create traditional Vietnamese toys under the guidance of artisans.

The series also aims to help foreigners have a chance to understand more about Vietnamese culture as well as create a proactive environment for young Vietnamese to interact with foreigners.

Therefore, the Puzzle 2, with a theme of ‘to he’ – a traditional Vietnamese toy figurine, will be held on July 30.

The workshop will provide an intimate, interactive space for guests from different countries and students in Hanoi to get to know about the art of ‘to he’ making. They will also gain actual experiences of creating different ‘to he’ characters by themselves.-VNA