The northern province of Dien Bien hosted on April 28 - 29 a training workshop on the dissemination of information about the planting and upgrading of border markers along the Vietnam-Laos boundary.

Participants to the workshop were provided with an overview of the Vietnam - Laos border as well as the objective, significance and activities regarding the planting and upgrading of national border markers within the province’s area.

Dien Bien shares a 360-km borderline with Phongsaly and Luang Prabang provinces of Laos . Since 2008, the three provinces have been carrying out a project to upgrade 21 existing border markers and build an additional 135 markers.

To complete the project by 2014, the provincial Party Committee’s Board for Popularisation and Information asked ideological-cultural and press agencies to step up the dissemination of information about the project in order to receive more support and active participation of local authorities, officials, Party members and ethnic people./.