The World Bank (WB) will provide 570 million USD to support Vietnam’s development efforts in the fields of energy, transport, healthcare and urban environment.

The financial institution announced its approval of the financing on March 30.

Of the sum, the loan worth 180 million USD from WB’s International Bank for Restructuring and Development (IRBD) aims to scale up the development of Vietnam’s electricity transmission system.

The three remaining credits will be provided by the WB’s International Development Association (IDA), including the sum of 65 million USD as additional financing for an environmental sanitation project that will help to improve the lives of 600,000 people in the southern coastal cities of Dong Hoi, Quy Nhon and Nha Trang and ensure the sustainable development of tourism bases of these cities.

The credit worth 175 million USD will go to the Hai Phong urban transport project which is to improve urban accessibility and strengthen capacity for urban transport management and planning in the city.

The remaining 150 million USD will be provided for the hospital waste management support project which will strengthen healthcare waste management policies nationwide and support at least 150 central and provincial hospitals in improving infection control and occupational safety for patients and health workers./.