A national meeting and activities in response to World Water Day 2014 will be held on March 21 in Lai Chau, one of the provinces in the watershed of the Red river and Thai Binh river, the largest river basin in northern Vietnam.

According to the online newspaper of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the information has been released by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

The programme includes a national meeting, a scientific conference titled "Water and Energy", a photo exhibition themed "Water - People - Life", an art performance called "River and Singing" and some other activities.

World Water Day 2014, with the theme "Water and Energy", aims to raise awareness about the close relationship between these two basic elements, as well as calls on people to find management measures to be able to maintain economic growth and to meet human needs through sustainable exploitation of water resources and efficient and economical use of energy towards a green growth economy.

The event also aims to raise the awareness of the international community, authorities at all levels and local communities concerning the interactive relationship between water and energy, and promotes policy dialogues to solve the related problems.-VNA