A one-page-long story on lesbians received first prize at a writing contest for short stories on lesbian, gay, bi-gender and transgender (LGBT) issues.

The story, titled "Bi mat trong can buong" (Secrets in the Room), written by Vu Thien Kieu from the southern province of Kien Giang, was among more than 350 entries by Vietnamese people around the world, delivered one month after the contest was launched.

Organised by the Centre for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender-Family-Women and Adolescents, the contest is part of a project to enhance the rights of lesbians and encourage men to act against domestic violence in Vietnam.

The jury comprised noted poet Hoang Nhuan Cam, popular writers Le Minh Khue and Trang Ha, and critics Van Gia and Chu Van Son.

"Although the topic of LGBT is not quite new, there are only a few pieces on the subject," said Cam. "It is necessary to create a forum of exchange between writers, artists and the LGBT community, through which LGBT people and composers can understand one another."

More than 10 pieces were selected for prizes, all of which express a desire to love, be respected and benefit from equality with others in society, he said.

Kieu's story was unanimously selected by the jury, he noted. The writer also has another story that was selected for the finalists' entries.

"I think the contest has created a foundation for literature pieces on humanity, belief, and life values featuring people who always strive to live up to what is good, true and beautiful," said Kieu.-VNA