Bangkok (VNA/NNT) – The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has launched its “Stop Buying Ivory” campaign in Thailand, seeking to raise Thai people’s awareness of elephants in order combat the ivory trade and prompt the government to devote more attention to preventing illicit trade in animal products.

WWF Thailand representative Janpai Ongsiriwittaya led alliances of the fund in launching “Stop Buying Ivory: Ivory Free Thailand”, a campaign centering around two series of advertisements which attracted the participation of celebrity Tony Ja and famed Thai national football team coach Kriatisak Senamuang.

The icons joined efforts to dissuade Thai citizens from buying, using or receiving elephant ivory and urge the government to do more to end the animal trade.

Thailand is ranked second in the world for illegal ivory sales and serves as a transit country for the detrimental good. It stated that new values must be instilled in the Thai society to remedy the problem.-VNA