Xam musical night by Hoan Kiem Lake hinh anh 1Xam Xuan 2017, a special musical night was held in March 24's night to pay tribute to inventors and great artists of xam (blind busker’s singing)(Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - A special musical night will be held Friday night to pay tribute to inventors and great artists of Xam (blind busker’s singing) at the pedestrian zone by Hoan Kiem Lake.

Called Xam Xuan 2017, the event has been organised by Xam Ha Thanh group, and will see performances by well-known Vietnamese Xam artists such as Thuy Ngan, Hanh Nguyen and Nguyen Quang Long.

The programme will pay homage to the two late influential teachers of Xam singing, artist Ha Thi Cau and Professor Pham Minh Khang, credited with reviving the unique art form.

Newly composed Xam songs such as Bon Mua Hoa Hanoi (Four Seasons of Flowers in Hanoi), Chong Say (Drunken Husband) and Thoi Em Cu Viec Lay Chong (Be Free to Get Married) will be performed at the event.

Xam Xuan 2017 will also include performances by primary school students and Korean American Professor Jin Hi Kim. Professor Kim and artists from Xam Ha Thanh group will play a piece of traditional Korean music with kŏmungo, Korean long board zither, and Vietnamese musical instruments.-VNA