As many as 400 delegates and 2,500 Buddhist followers are expected to take part in the Yen Tu spring festival, which will take place in Le Truong Giai Oan yard, Yen Tu, Thuong Yen commune, Uong Bi City, the northern province of Quang Ninh on February 28 (the tenth day of the first Lunar month).

The municipal People’s Committee and provincial Party Committee’s Popularisation and Education Board made the announcement on February 10.

The organising board decided to shift the sales of commodities away from its previous arrangement stretching from Giai Oan pagoda to Dong pagoda in order to prevent the unsettled shops, peddled wares and the sale of fresh meat in the relic site.

It will also strictly implement fixed prices for commodities sold at the festival and ban money exchange.

In addition, food hygiene and safety, and environmental maintenance will be ensured during the spring festival. Risk warnings and directions to first aid stations will be posted in Giai Oan, Hoa Yen and An Ky Sinh.

The board stated that security, army forces, and the youth will be mobilised to manage and guide event participants.

Meanwhile, relevant agencies should actively manage transportation flow to avoid traffic congestion on the road leading to the relic site.

The organising board is currently rushing to complete a number of construction efforts, including the restoration of the One-Roof Pagoda and installing direction and instruction signs in the area.

Yen Tu Mountain is located about 50 kilometres from Ha Long City. The pilgrimage route, which winds from the foot of the mountain to its pinnacle, is almost 30 kilometres. Dong Pagoda, which sits atop the mountain’s highest peak, is more than a kilometre above sea level.

The area has a beautiful natural landscape and awe-inspiring scenery, along with surrounding ancient pagodas and hermitages.

Yen Tu was officially listed as a special national relic site on September 27, 2012, and has be declared one of the 10 most attractive spiritual destinations in Vietnam by the Vietnam Records Organisation.-VNA