Young artists debut new artwork hinh anh 1Xa Than Bien Hinh (Deformed Snake God) by Pham Van Truong

Hanoi (VNA) - Forty artworks by the Hanoi Young Artists Club are on display at 16 Ngo Quyen Exhibition House.

The exhibition titled Hand in Hand aims to gather artists, including newcomers and veterans, to meet and display their latest and best artworks.

The exhibition features 20 artists under 30 and 20 artists less than 35 years.

At age 35, Pham Van Truong, a graduate from the Industrial Fine Arts College is one of the veteran members of the club. He has participated in the exhibition four times, the first time being in 2009.

His painting titled Xa Than Bien Hinh (Deformed Snake God) is made from Chinese-ink on photographic paper. The painting is 78cm by 108cm in size. Truong made the painting in 2014 to express his inner feelings.

“The Chinese-ink painting technique was made by famous late artist Nguyen Tuan Vinh. The artist uses traditional Chinese-ink material to paint on photographic paper, and for bold or light colour scrapes accordingly,” Truong said.

“The club’s exhibition is a good chance for emerging artists to introduce their new works after a long spell of creativity. The exhibition also urges the artists to brainstorm for new ideas.”

Artists Pham Thuan and Nguyen Khac Hai are newcomers at the exhibition.

Thuan’s painting titled Thanh Giong (Saint Giong) is a 105cm by 105cm oil on canvas.

It is Thuan’s latest work and features a cute little boy wearing glasses. The two pieces of glass are different – one is plain and the other is fashionable. The image reflected in the fashionable glass is a traditional Vietnamese one of the Saint Giong.

“The Saint Giong is a symbol of legendary Vietnamese power. I want to remind young people living a modern life of traditional noble Vietnamese qualities,” Thuan said.

Meanwhile, a painting by Hai leads to a moment of reflections for the visitors.

The 70cm by 80cm oil on canvas features a white horse on a black background.

“Viewers are free let their imagine run wild when they see the painting. They can transfer their feelings to the horse,” artist Do Hiep, head of the club, said.

“At the exhibition we encourage the artists to showcase experimental works. The artists can do what they want -- installation, performance, painting or sculpture.”

“It is an opportunity for young artists to express themselves easily, explore and try new ideas,” Hiep said.

The club has a biannual exhibition held in March and June every year. The exhibition is at 16 Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi, until July 4.-VNA