A programme has been launched in Hanoi to invite young Vietnamese entrepreneurs to participate in the ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair (AYCIF), scheduled to be held in August 2015 in Indonesia.

The competition will draw the participation of young creative entrepreneurs from all ASEAN member states ranging from 15-35 years of age in the four sub-sectors: movies & animation, fashion, games & application, craft & product design.

The programme, organised by the Enterprise Development Agency under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, is expected to select the best creative entrepreneurs in June or July.

The winners will be flown to the final rounds held in Indonesia, the first host country of the AYCIF.

Contestants can register at www.aseancreativeyouth.org.

The AYCIF focuses on promoting entrepreneurship among ASEAN youth in the creative industry and on laying the foundations for continuous synergy among young creative entrepreneurs.

Through its activities and events, young creative entrepreneurs can demonstrate their work, share ideas, and build a regional network that supports the growth of their creative enterprises in preparation for the ASEAN Economic Community.

The AYCIF aims to provide an opportunity for creative young ASEAN entrepreneurs to establish a network and find business partners.-VNA