Le Dinh Hieu – a member of the prestigious “30 under 30” list by Forbes Viet Nam has entered the startup scene in education for underprivileged people. Some considered it a risky and almost impossible venture. However, Hieu keeps pushing on for his dream.

Hear Us Now, is a project for hearing-impaired children focusing on teaching English and IT skills. It has been carried out since 2017.

For hearing impaired people, obstacles in learning mount tremendously. It prevents them from pursuing higher education and curtailing their social circles. Having a deaf mother, Hieu and his partners understand the hardships of disadvantaged people and are passionate about helping them.

In HCM, there are only 15 schools for hearing-impaired people and most of them are elementary schools.  Hear Us Now is aiming to bring equality to deaf people.

Having left top financial firms in the US to seek a future in Vietnam, Hieu has found his true calling. For this young entrepreneur, helping special needs people is his goal and passion.-VNA