Ta Dinh Huy started inventing in 2005 and faced many failures. However, he was not disheartened but improved his machine.

From the starting point of three, now his machine can perform 15 tasks, including ploughing soil, transplanting seedlings or clearing weeds. And the farmer is still working to improve it.

 “At the beginning, I salvaged a broken motorbike engine and scrap iron to build my machine,” Huy said, adding that after that he gradually improved the machines.

“My most outstanding invention is a multi-task farming machine which can be used on different terrain,” he added.

Cao Dinh Hang from Chuong My District, Hanoi said: “It’s easy and quick to use the machine and it reduces much of farmers’ labour.”

Huy’s machine is now familiar to farmers from corners of the country. His machinery garage now receives tens of orders every month, generating stable jobs for local youths.

Nguyen Van Son, a worker at Huy’s garage said: “This job is simple and not as hard as working on the field. I am still single so the income is okay for me.”

Huy has been lauded for his work. And he is driven to work more in the future.

The young man said he will not stop here but make more innovations to benefit farmers.

With endless spirit of learning and desire to develop the homeland, young men like Ta Dinh Huy have helped inspire youngsters to pursue their dreams.-VNA