Young writers making a splash in Vietnam hinh anh 1Many books recently published by the so-called 9X and 8X generations, Vietnamese writers born in the 1998s and 90s, are leaving a strong impression on readers. (Photo: ​Phuong Nam Book)

HCM City (VNA) - Many books recently issued by the so-called 9X and 8X generations, Vietnamese writers born in the 1998s and 90s, are leaving a strong impression on readers.  

Their works are often about youth, love and conflicts in modern society. 

Anh Khang’s first book, Ngay Troi Ve Phia Cu (Old Day Goes), is a collection of prose works featuring reviews of his love stories.

His words are simple but meaningful, evoking readers’ memories of their friends and first loves.

“I added something new gained from my life and experience to a market that is dominated by traditional writing styles. I just told my individual stories in my own way to touch the heart of readers,” said the 30-year-old.

“I think young readers, particularly women, will find themselves on the pages of my books,” he added.    

The HCM City-based Phuong Nam Culture Company, one of the city’s prestigious printers and distributors, was at first doubtful that Khang’s work would be successful, but knew that young readers in urban areas would find it attractive.

The company has printed Khang’s five books with more than 120,000 copies each. 

Another best-selling writer is Jun Pham, a pop singer and movie actor, who performed in the boy band 365. 

His fourth and latest book, Thuc Day, Anh Van La Mo (You’re Still in Dream), features the interior life of urban men who face difficulties in work and love.
The 162-page work includes three short stories capturing the lifestyles of Vietnamese youth living in urban areas today. The book showed that the amateur writer had talent in writing.

“I’m a reader. I know what young readers want to read,” said the-27-year-old writer, at his book signing ceremony in Hanoi late last year.

Jun’s previous books are available on online bookstores. More than 250,000 copies have been sold.    

Another young writer, Hanh Nguyen, 20, began her career when she was still in school. 

She has worked with dozens of local newspapers, magazines and websites aimed at young people.

Her latest book, Say (Drunk), released last year by the Vietnam Writers Association,  features a group of young people who live alone and aimless.

The book won the New Talent for young writers award at the 2016 Best Books presented by the non-profit organisation IRED.

According to a report from two bookselling websites, Tikiweb and Vinabook, books by young writers, including Khang and June, have all been best-sellers in recent years.     
“My friends and I love reading works by young writers. I expect them to take the market by storm,” said Tran Bao Nghi, a reader from Hanoi.

Nghi said she was reading Em La De Yeu (You’re for Love), a book featuring love and women by female writer Phan Y Yen.

More than 2,500 copies of the book sold within a week after its release in 2013.-VNA