The project “Youth Initiative for Climate Change Adaptation” came under review in the central city of Da Nang on February 24, with youngsters from Da Nang and the southern cities of Quy Nhon and Can Tho taking part.

As part of the Rockefeller Foundation-funded Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network, young people in these localities have received funding of 1.2 billion VND (570,000 USD) for 12 out of their 60-plus climate change response initiatives from the UK’s non-governmental organisation Challenge to Change (CTC) since 2012.

Besides technical assistance, the youth initiative groups were also provided with aid of 10-100 million VND (470 – 47,600 USD), depending on the scale and complexity of each project.

At the event, 12 groups presented their ideas, implementation, results and lessons learnt during the process. They also had a chance to interact with specialists from CTC and Quy Nhon University.

The projects on assessing the impacts of climate change and disasters on Da Nang’s fisheries, rainwater collection and a semi-auto rainwater spraying system are among the success stories.-VNA