Nowadays, research into traditional culture and the country’s historical works have attracted the attention of youngsters.

With unique and creative ways, a number of youngsters have brought the nation’s historical and cultural values closer to other people. 

Members of the Vietnam Centre Group are busy preparing for a show to introduce Vietnamese traditional royal costumes and retrace almanac presenting ceremonies.

Every pattern and set of costumes were studied carefully under the supervision of historical experts before introducing them to public.

Mr Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Dong, the founding member of Vietnam Centre Group, said: "Everyone in the group shares a passion for the love of the country’s culture. All the expenses are donated by the members voluntarily."

"We will continue to bring the show to other localities as well as foreign ones like Sydney, Melbourne so international friends can know more about Vietnamese culture," Dong added.

Nguyen Van Thien, a Hanoi resident, said it is imperial to support the youngsters’ works as much as possible because their works have brought the country’s cultural value closer to public, helping to preserve the nation’s traditional identity.

Viet Su Kieu Hung (Vietnamese Epic History), a group of writing enthusiasts, share a passion for promoting Vietnamese history by recreating battles, significant historical figures and stories.

Nguyen Dinh Hung, a researcher at the Institute of Han-Nom Studies, said he fully supports the works of youngsters as they were very creative and viewers were impressed by their work.

"Through animated movies, audiences can learn more about Vietnamese culture very easily," Hung said.

The Vietnam Centre and the Vietnamese Epic History are only two among many groups of youngsters who have great passion with the nation’s history. The young folks have helped promote and bring the love for history, and culture closer to the public with many projects.

Tran Quang Duc, a historical researcher commented that many things needed experience. Therefore youngsters should seek advice from others for more accurate information.

Among many ideas about Vietnamese history, the youngsters’ projects have helped many people have a deeper understanding and greater love about the mother land’s ancient culture./.