As the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival approaches, pig-themed paintings are becoming increasingly popular and welcomed by Vietnamese buyers. This year, renowned artist Le Tri Dung has portrayed the ever-familiar zodiac sign, with his own special touches to his designs.

As each spring comes near, Le Tri Dung brings the zodiac signs to life to celebrate Tet. The Lunar New Year of 2019 is represented as the year of the pig in the Vietnamese zodiac system, and, despite the familiarity of the animal’s presence in local culture, Dung has no trouble exploring this figure as an endless source of inspiration, creating many captivating works.

In his Tet-themed artworks, elements of Feng Shui and other luck-bringing items are often portrayed for contemplation, bringing depth to his paintings.

Pigs have been close to Vietnamese people and culture for a long time, especially in Dong Ho folk painting. Based on the Dong Ho style pigs, Dung creates his own version of Ky Hoi pigs in his paintings. Abundant in stories and rich in emotion, the Tet Ky Hoi art collection by Le Tri Dung has over 200 art pieces using various materials, such as acrylics or wooden pallets.