National Assembly (NA) deputies on October 22 heard reports on the draft revised 1992 Constitution, the fight against corruption in 2013, and the implementation of laws and resolutions adopted by the 13 th legislature.

Opening the session, broadcast live on the national television (VTV) as part of the legislature’s 6th session, Phan Trung Ly, Chairman of the NA’s Law Committee and head of the compiling board of the Committee on Draft Amendments to the 1992 Constitution, presented the report on feedback from NA deputies and people on the draft revisions and a draft resolution on the implementation of the 1992 Constitution (amended in 2013).

According to the report, most deputies agreed with the composition and content of the draft, and contributed many concrete ideas to perfecting the document.

The State and the State economic sector play a very important role in orientating and regulating the market economy in Vietnam, therefore the Constitution must clearly provide for the key role of the State economic sector, said the committee.

It acknowledged that land use is an important right of the people so the Constitution needs to have strict regulations on revocations. This will be an important foundation for the Land Law’s provisions to avoid abuse and unnecessary revocations that negatively affect the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

The NA heard a report by Huynh Phong Tranh, Inspector General of the Government Inspectorate, on corruption prevention and combat in 2013, and another by Nguyen Van Hien, member of the NA Standing Committee and head of the NA’s Judicial Committee, on verifying the work during the year.

According to the Government report, in 2013, agencies in charge have gradually improved the quality and efficiency of preventing, detecting, investigating and handling corruption cases, bringing to light some large cases that drew public concern.

The report stressed the need to continue strengthening the organisational apparatus and have specific regulations on professional activities related to corruption detecting and handling.

Ministries, agencies and localities have conducted 4,713 inspections on the implementation of regulations of conducts and professional ethics, handled 118 violators, as well as discovered and prevented violations. As many as 41 leaders of units have been dealt with their irresponsibility that led to corruption.

So far this year, the inspection sector has detected 80 corruption cases and 90 people with corruption-related behaviours, confiscating 117.5 billion VND (5.6 million USD). It has taken back 59 billion VND and proposed administrative punishments on four collectives and 28 individuals as well as transferred 11 cases and 34 violators to criminal investigation agencies.

Police have handled 371 cases and 847 accused of corruption, and more than 900 billion VND has been retrieved to the State budget.

They have concluded investigations on 255 cases and 581 accused. Another 96 cases and 230 accused are under investigation.

Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong presented a report on the enforcement of laws and resolutions adopted by the 13th NA.

The deputies also heard a report by the NA Standing Committee on a draft law on amendments and supplements to the Law on Emulation and Rewards.-VNA