A workshop on the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for the central and Central Highlands regions in 2012-2015 was conducted in Dak Lak province on December 21 by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) office in Vietnam.

Speaking at the workshop, Yumiko Tamura, Deputy Country Director of ADB in Vietnam said the strategy will focus on economic development in Vietnam and its priority actions to ensure the highest efficiency in deploying human resources.

She said ADB will help to improve public management capacity, with a particular focus on reforming state-owned enterprises, as well as education and finance sectors and infrastructure.

Leaders from the central and Central Highlands provinces proposed ADB further support regional socio-economic development and sustainable poverty reduction by building transport infrastructure, providing electricity and water for rural areas, waste treatment in economic zones and protecting the environment in both rural and urban areas.

They asked ADB to concentrate on improving the quality of management staff for these projects and pay more attention to remote rural areas.

ADB committed to supplying capital resources to help Vietnam achieve the target of becoming an industrialised country by 2020 and address the challenges facing a middle-income country./.