The southern province of Binh Duong will have 31 industrial zones (IZs) covering a total area of 11,463ha by 2020 as part of a vision 2025 plan.

Under the plan, the province will establish two high-tech IZs, the An Tay IZ covering an area of 100-150ha, and the Binh Duong Industry, Services and Urban Area Complex spread over 300ha.

The province will also have 13 industrial clusters spanning 908.74ha by 2020, which will expand to 15 clusters by 2025. The clusters aim to focus on companies manufacturing building materials, high quality ceramics, as well as agricultural processing companies and ancillary industries.

The target is to achieve average industrial growth (by value) of 8.6 percent between 2011-15 and 10 percent during 2016-20.-VNA