Emulation has helped in the implementation of political tasks and focused on curbing inflation, stabilising the macro-economy, alleviating poverty and ensuring order and security, said Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung at a meeting on August 29.

Speaking at the 43rd session of the Central Council for Emulation and Reward, Dung, who is also council chairman, confirmed that emulation has contributed practically to the country's socio-economic achievements.

Along with emulation activities, reward movements have improved, the Prime Minister said.

He instructed ministries, ministerial agencies, cities and provinces to maintain emulation movements with a focus on implementing this year's tasks and the first year of the 2011-15 plan.

When implementing their emulation plans, ministries and ministerial agencies need to focus on maintaining and stabilising the macroeconomy, inflation control and ensuring social welfare as required under Resolution 11, said Dung.

He also underlined a need to firm up emulation movements and "the entire country joins forces to build a new rural area" movement.

Dung requested offices and units to practise thrift and prevent wastefulness when implementing the movement to "study and follow late President Ho Chi Minh's moral example" as wasteful expenditure was huge in these places.

He said there is a need to tighten reward activities in the State apparatus by re-examining regulations on reward and supplementing criteria in order to select and commend exemplary people.

Dung stressed a need to have appropriate criteria to encourage all individuals and organisations in the society to take part in activities aimed at honouring exemplary people.

He suggested greater innovation be introduced into emulation and reward activities, to tighten reward activities and to make them more appropriate.

Dung also asked the council to look for unreasonable points in the Law on Emulation and Reward and to propose amendments.

Vice State President and first Vice Chairwoman of the council Nguyen Thi Doan recommended tightening of the award title "Hero" and other awards with stricter criteria in the consideration process.

Vice Minister of Home Affairs and Vice Chairperson of the Council Tran Thi Ha told the session that the council has closely followed directions and duties while focusing on implementing key duties effectively and maintaining its regular meetings in the first six months of this year.

The council also submitted a proposal to the Prime Minister asking the President to award the title "Hero" to six units and two individuals./.