Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has affirmed that the general elections slated for mid-year will be a step forward to help stabilise the political situation and strengthen the rule of law in the country.

He added that the elections will empower the people, those who will perform their democratic rights to elect a new cabinet, thus contributing to stabilising political situation and ensuring the continuity of economic growth promotion policies and national reconciliation in Thailand .

The PM also said that the unstable political situation in the past few years has caused a remarkable loss to the country and made people doubt the country’s economic prospects.

However, the recent changes showed that the government's efforts have contributed to normalising the situation and democracy has gained progresses, he said.

While admitting the existence of the differences and political disagreements, Abhisit said the democratic reforms that the government has conducted have addressed serious shortcomings in the past. Currently, the government is making efforts to create an atmosphere where all sides understand each other to ensure demonstrations and marches take place in peace and order and cause less effects on the country’s socio-economy./.