Thailand’s military-run National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on June 16 clarified it has no policies lined up to crack down on foreign migrant workers.

The clarification came in the wake of recent media reports that more than 130,000 Cambodian workers have fled back home from Thailand due to rumours that the junta will target undocumented foreign labour.

Deputy spokesman of the NCPO Wintahi Suvari denied the crackdown, adding that it was necessary for the council’s officials to inspect all areas where there are illegal foreign workers, in a move to properly address this long-term issue.

Migrant workers must have legal documents to work openly in Thailand rather than live in hiding from the authorities, Winthai said.

The country will seek solutions based on the principles of promoting human rights and international standards to help both domestic businesses and foreign workers, he added.

Thailand now accommodates around 440,000 registered Cambodian workers.-VNA