Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 8:45:07

Traditional crafts thrive in Ha Nam


Hundreds of tonnes of rice sheets turned out every day have brought prosperity to residents of Cheu village, in northern Ha Nam province.

Almost 2,000 local households have involved themselves through supplying the food industry, earning a combined annual revenue of 200 billion VND (9.2 million USD).

Chairman of the Cheu Rice Sheet Production and Trade Association, Tran Van Tuong, said Cheu people always desire to profit from their traditional craft products, which boast high quality and a distinguishable taste.

The village’s recent success is attributable to villagers’ efforts to adapt and escape the difficulties of outdated machinery and techniques. They used to eke out a living until the bravery of an individual, Tran Duc Kien, led to investment in modern equipment. A surge in output and return has followed, bringing with it the creation of stable-income jobs and export links with foreign markets, such as Poland, Germany and Russia.

Ha Nam is home to 40 traditional craft villages, which make items ranging from embroidery to rattan object making. These have gradually become a major source of income for residents.-VNA
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