Rice exports. Photo: VNA
An established national trademark is needed for Vietnamese rice products to build their image and gain shares on the global market.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh made the statement during a workshop held in Hanoi on September 22, saying the trademark will reflect State policies devised based on comprehensive approaches to rice production and processing.

Currently, Vietnam boasts 4.1 million hectares of rice paddies, 53 percent of which are concentrated across the Mekong Delta. In 2014, the country exported 6.3 million tonnes of the 45 million tonnes of rice yields, becoming the world’s third largest rice exporter after India and Thailand.

However, according to the Department of Processing and Trade for Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Products and Salt Production, Vietnam mainly exports rice to medium and low-end markets as local produce does not have similar qualities or high standards.

There are 200 medium- and large-seized Vietnamese enterprises engaging in rice transactions but their trademarks have received limited promotion.

Sharing experience in building the national trademark for Indian Basmati rice, Director of the Basmati Export Development Foundation AK Gupta underscored quality control and consumer demand as the foundation of a strong name.

Vu Trong Binh from the Party Central Committee Commission for Economic Affairs said it is necessary to build relevant policy frameworks and a detailed coordination mechanism for the building of the national trademark for rice.-VNA