The Hue Monuments Conservation Centre in coordination with the Central Region Construction Science Institute on June 13 commenced the restoration of two relic sites at King Thieu Tri’s tomb complex.

Ta Tung Vien and Huu Tung Vien (Left and Right Palaces where wives and eunuchs of the deceased king lived to perform the worship), will be restored at a total cost of 22.6 billion VND and are expected to be completed in the next two years.

Repairs will be made to the wood frames of the house and the roof, the roof and the floor, together with anti-damp and anti-termite treatment.

King Thieu Tri’s tomb complex is part of the Hue ancient citadel, which was recognised by UNESCO as a World Culture Heritage in 1993.

Built in 1848, the tomb was severely damaged during the wars and due to natural corrosion, especially from 1945 to date.-VNA