200-year-old British school opens campus in Hanoi

Brighton College, a renowned private school with nearly 200 years of success in the UK, has officially opened its first campus in Vietnam.

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Brighton College Vietnam is the seventh campus of Brighton College, the first private school in Sussex, the UK. With nearly 200 years of history, it is among the UK's most prestigious educational institutions. (Photo: Vietnam+)
Spanning 3.4 hectares in the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area in Hanoi, Brighton College Vietnam boasts unique architecture and modern facilities that meet stringent British standards. It provides a creative learning environment for pupils aged 5 to 18. (Photo: Vietnam+)
Mrs. Phan Ha Thuy, a member of the Board of Directors of Brighton College Vietnam, said: “We chose the UK because it has a well-structured education system. We chose Brighton College because it is one of the top schools in the UK, catering to both boys and girls, with an educational philosophy that aligns with Vietnam. Despite its nearly 200-year history, it remains highly regarded for its innovation." (Photo: Vietnam+)
The Prep School Library, modeled after Brighton College UK, features vibrant colors and a cozy atmosphere that nurtures pupils' curiosity about the natural world. (Photo: Vietnam+)
At Brighton College Vietnam, each student is assigned to one of four houses: Hampden, Fenwick, Chichester, or Ryle. Each house has its unique identity and qualities, named after individuals who made significant contributions to the history and development of Brighton College. (Photo: Vietnam+)

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