AI (Artificial Intelligence) is deemed the driving force of Industry 4.0. In Vietnam, where startups are on the rise, AI has proven capable of offering solutions for practical matters.

Founded in 2015, this startup has created software that offers solutions for the optimisation of supply chains on the AI platform. It has been well-received by the market. The solution has solved the weaknesses of the logistics system in Vietnam and in many other regional countries.

According to experts, AI in Vietnam is still in its infancy with limited businesses applying this technology and lack outstanding results. While the possibilities of AI in the field of healthcare services, education and agriculture are great.

In order to start a business in the AI field, experts say that Vietnam needs to have an open policy for easy access to research and apply AI for people and communities. Startups that want to work with AI need to be fully prepared for knowledge and technology, and open to learn more about AI./.