Ao Dai Festival underway in Ho Chi Minh City

More than 2,000 people of different ages took part in an "ao dai" (Vietnamese long traditional dress) parade on March 6, as part of the eight Ho Chi Minh City "Ao dai" Festival.

The event, themed "I Love Vietnamese ao dai", was jointly organised by HCM City's Department of Tourism, Women’s Union and other agencies. It marks International Women’s Day and welcomes the 13th National Women’s Congress.

Spectators enjoyed a special "ao dai" parade with bicycles or on the double-decker bus. These images are familiar to visitors when coming to HCM city, contributing to promoting a lively and modern city that is still attached to national cultural values.

The "ao dai" festival, which runs from March 5 to April 15, aims to introduce the beauty and convenience of "ao dai", making it familiar costumes of people in contribution to preserving the nation’s cultural identity and promoting the image of the country and Vietnamese people.

Local authorities are also encouraging people working in district administration units, government agencies, schools and universities throughout the city to wear "ao dai" during March./.