Russia has directly invested about 1.95 billion USD in 104 projects in Vietnam, and ranks 17th among 101 nations and territories that are investing in the country.

The Planning and Investment Ministry's Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) announced this in a report late last week, adding that Russian capital investment averages 18.82 million USD per project, higher than the general average of 14.3 million USD for all foreign direct investments in Vietnam.

In the first 11 months of this year alone, Russia had seven new projects and three projects with supplemented capital, registering a combined investment value of 11.17 million USD.

Russian investors have invested in 13 out of 18 economic sectors of Vietnam. They have invested 1.12 billion USD in 32 projects in the manufacturing and processing sector, 581 million USD in seven projects in the mining industry, and 72.7 million USD in three projects in the real estate sector.

The oil and gas sector attracted six projects worth 531 million USD, or 27 percent of all investments, noted the FIA.

There are 63 wholly Russian projects worth 1.26 billion USD, 33 projects worth 256 million USD that are joint ventures and four projects valued at 381 million USD that are business co-operation contracts, while two projects are being implemented as joint stock companies.

The investors are present in 24 out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide. The central Binh Dinh province attracts the largest amount of Russian capital of 1 billion USD, followed by Hanoi with 129.5 million USD, and the southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau province with 52 million USD.-VNA