Cabinet members discussed five draft revised laws during their December 25 law building session, including those on vocational training, real estate business, social insurance, civil aviation, and housing.

They agreed to amend 28 articles and add six articles and one point to the revised Vocational Training Law, while removing five articles and Chapter IX from the current version.

The revised version will focus on solutions to meet the requirements of vocational training reforms, solve shortcomings of the current version and make it suitable to other relevant laws.

The Real Estate Business Law (revised) will be adjusted to avoid overlapping and contradiction to other laws.

Meanwhile, the draft revised Law on Social Insurance will consist of nine chapters and 125 articles, two chapters and 16 articles less than the present one.

The law on amendments and supplements to some articles of the Civil Aviation Law should meet the requirement of sustainable economic growth, including the encouragement of the development of the transport sector in general and aviation in particular, the cabinet said.

They also agreed that the revised Housing Law should focus on ensuring the development of housing in line with the approved planning to avoid spontaneous investment and market imbalance.-VNA