Can Tho treats visitors to giant sizzling crepe at folk cake festival

Visitors at the 11th Southern Traditional Cake Festival in Can Tho city were pleasantly surprised to witness 15 chefs come together to make a giant sizzling rice crepe with a diameter of up to 3 metres. The crepe was hailed as the largest ever seen in the Mekong Delta.

The 15 chefs and culinary artisans had to prepare for 10 days beforehand. They used 30 kilos of flour, 27 kilos of shrimp, and dozens of kilos of mung beans, grated coconut, duck meat, and various vegetables. It took them over 30 minutes to make the crepe, which had to have a thick crust, fragrant filling, and the right amount of richness from the coconut milk.

The organisers divided the giant crepe into 1,000 portions and invited festival-goers to enjoy a slice for free. Diners praised the delicious taste, noting that despite its large size it meets all the requirements of a traditional crepe. 

The festival aims to provide visitors with a taste of the Vietnam’s Western-style sizzling rice cakes in particular and traditional Southern cakes in general, contributing to the preservation and promotion of the cultural value of folk cuisine in the Southern region./.