The Dak Lak People’s Committee on Nov. 21 held a ceremony to inaugurate the Dak Lak Museum, the largest of its kind in the Central Highlands region.

The museum’s design is based on the architecture of the traditional long house of the Ede ethnic minority, the most populous ethnic group in Dak Lak province.

It is built with the assistance of French museum experts in partnership with the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology at a cost of nearly 80 billion VND. Work on the construction of the museum began in February, 2008.

Covering an area of 9,200 sq.m, the museum, which measures 130 metres long and 65 metres wide, includes three display areas with the major themes of biodiversity, national culture and history.

On the inauguration day, the museum put on show 1,000 objects, photos, documentaries and posters representing the historical development and outstanding cultural values of people and nature in the region, from the Stone Age to the present time.

As the first museum in Vietnam using four display languages – in this case Vietnamese, French, English and the Ede, Dak Lak Museum is expected to be an attractive cultural destination for both domestic and foreign visitors who want to explore the history and culture of ethnic minorities in Dak Lak./.