Nearby the dock of the Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise is a statue of late businessman Bach Thai Buoi, who was known as the “King of Cruises” in Vietnam.

His most renowned trip was called “Binh Chuan”, with this cruise taking on the name.

This cruise is rich in cultural values and boasts a library with books on Vietnamese culture.

On the shelves is also a copy of “Entrepreneurship in Age 1.0”, which tells of the great Vietnamese businessman Bach Thai Buoi. The stories were collected by his family members.

Along its corridors, cruise passengers can also admire old paintings, photos, statues, and outfits, all of which are representative of Vietnamese culture.

Art lovers on board can visit the first-ever floating gallery in the Gulf of Tonkin, with dozens of paintings by Pham Luc, who has been called the “Vietnamese Picasso”.

Besides contemplating the cultural values found inside the cruise, passengers can also opt for one or more of a range of leisure activities, including kayaking around Lan Ha Bay and soaking up the stunning sunset while sipping on a cocktail./.