Delectable delicacies in Lai Chau popular during Tet

As Tet draws near, many households in the northern province of Lai Chau are busy making jerky, including dried buffalo and pork. These delectable delicacies are favoured by many consumers both at home and abroad.

Deo Thi Sop’s family in Doan Ket ward in Lai Chau city, Lai Chau province, provides about 200 kg of Ninh Sop” jerky to the market every day, with the most popular being pork and buffalo.

Dried buffalo meat is a typical dish of the Thai ethnic minority people. After being carefully pre-processed, cut into long chunks, and marinated with spices such as guava seeds, chilli, garlic, and forest plants, the meat is dried for many hours. The special technique brings a unique flavour, unlike anything else.

The trade has helped generate incomes for many households in the locality.

The Thai ethnic minority people in Lai Chau have several unique customs, including special dishes like coloured rice, fermented meat, and jerky. These are traditional dishes and indispensable during the Tet holiday./.