Hoa Binh is a province in Northwest Vietnam with overlapping mountains and many scenic spots.

As a province that shares a border with Hanoi, this land is a combination of urban and mountainous areas, with a variety of ethnic cultures, which has created many unique features here.

The main types of tourism in Hoa Binh are cultural tourism, sports tourism, experience tourism, and spiritual tourism... Community tourism, in the form of homestays, is also developing.

Hoa Binh's ethnic cultural identity is preserved through customs, festivals, and historical and cultural relics...

All types of tourism in the province have developed strongly, with many attractions, resorts, tours, and routes with good service quality that have brought many interesting experiences to domestic and foreign tourists.

The province has nature reserves such as Ngoc Son-Ngo Luong, Thuong Tien (Kim Boi), Kia Cave-Pa Co (Mai Chau), and Phu Canh (Da Bac)... with rich flora and fauna.

Also, the province has Tien pagoda relics, Thac Bo goddess temple, Trai Cave archaeological site (Lac Son), Kim Boi mineral spring...

In particular, the lake in Da river is the largest artificial lake in Southeast Asia. Hoa Binh lake tourist area has been approved by the Vietnamese Prime Minister to become a national tourist area. This place is likened to Ha Long on land and has great potential for developing eco-tourism./.