Accordingly, aquatic goods are the most-benefited product since the beginning. In August and September, the export of fishery products to the EU and UK reeled in about 263 million USD, up 17 percent against the same period last year.

Meanwhile, in September, rice exports brought back more than 1.7 million USD, increasing nearly 170 percent from August.

Authorised organisations have so far issued close to 15,000 certificates of origin (EUR.1 movement certificate) for exported products worth nearly 700 million USD. Most of these goods, including footwear, fishery, plastic, coffee, and garment-textile products, have been shipped to EU’s countries like Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and French.

 However, despite preferential tariff, the penetration of the EU market still face difficulties and Vietnamese enterprises need to meet a series of non-tariff barriers from the bloc, including rules of origin./.