Exhibition introduces Indian artist hinh anh 1A painting by artist Ruchika Wason Singh (Source: internet)

Hanoi (VNS/VNA)
- A solo exhibition by Indian artist Ruchika Wason Singh in Hanoi introduced her new approach to accommodation and migration - one of the biggest problems in the world today. 

Titled Project Habit/At, the exhibition features nearly 20 artworks made around 2013. Instead of portraying scenes where people sit in crowded places in buildings, Singh takes a look inside each person living in metropolitan areas.

Behind the modern and flashy lights of cities, a symbol of wealth and prosperity frequently advertised in the media, lies the problems of fitting in, the complexities of immigration/ migration, the separation of public space and the inequality between social groups.

Instead of being happy for having met all the basic needs in life, people tend to feel depressed and crowded in artificial places and in the presence of people in general. Artist Singh uses pictures of garbage as the language of her visual glossary.

She gathers and piles up waste and used things into dunes with faces of monsters to describe the throw-away society. Her work is not influenced by any political or social view.

The aim is to simply find a space open enough to ease her stress and tiredness caused by the surroundings, which, according to her, are chaotic and constantly changing.

Born in Delhi, Singh pursued her creative interests and completed her Master of Fine Arts in painting from the College of Art, New Delhi.

In 2001, she conducted research at Delhi University on the sociological framework within Indian contemporary art in the 20th century. She received her PhD in 2008 and is an Associate Artist at the Digital Institute for Early Parenthood, UK, and Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Mother Studies.

Singh is a participant of the Month of Arts Practice, a Contemporary Art Exchange project between Vietnamese and international artists organised by Heritage Space. 

This exhibition is part of the collaboration between Huong Ngo Art Space and Heritage Space to conduct a series of mini events at the venue to enrich local arts and promote cultural values. 

The exhibition will run until September 30 at Nola Cafe, 89 Ma May, Hanoi.-VNA