Global Media Congress 2022 - Shaping the future of media

The Global Media Congress was held for the first time in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates from November 15-17. This was an important forum to re-evaluate the current situation of mass media in the region and the world.

The Global Media Congress 2022 saw the participation of 192 media agencies from 42 countries and more than 1,200 experts and specialists in the field of communications.

This year’s congress included 40 discussion sessions and more than 30 seminars with the participation of 162 renowned global speakers.

Several cooperative agreements between the UAE and international media agencies were also signed.

A highlight of the congress was an exhibition showcasing new technologies and equipment for the media industry.

The Metaverse virtual universe is a digital universe that incorporates aspects of social media. It is said to be the next version of the internet (Metaverse - The future of Internet), and is expected to change almost the entire experience for users.

Instead of controlling systems, users will immerse themselves into the digital world with the support of today’s leading technologies.

With the theme “Shaping the future of the media industry”, the congress not only affirms the position of the media in the development of modern society but also helps shape the future in the field./.