Those who were born and raised in Hanoi and those have settled in foreign lands always look forward to returning to Hanoi with all their precious love. Hanoi in their eyes is always a place worth living in. This is the message of an exhibition of nearly 50 photos of the public space and daily life of Hanoi people.

The photo exhibition "For a Hanoi worth living" was organised by the Working Group for the Participation of the People, with the support of the Embassy of Denmark.

The photos in the exhibition feature peaceful corners of Hanoi, the empty streets, corner of the park, a collective playground, bustling streets, and heritage of the capital. Each author and artist has embraced Hanoi with all of its beauty.

The exhibition depicts the emotions, space, and life that make Hanoi worth living not only for capital residents but also for migrants and tourists. They open their heart to share about a very private Hanoi and act as an ambassador to preserve and foster Hanoi. This city has faced huge changes in recent years.

Hanoi is not a splendid city where heritage works are not so magnificent. However, Hanoi has its own romantic and attractive nature where there is closeness and simplicity. Hanoi is charming in the past and present, Hanoi is charming in every pace of contemporary urban life and no matter what, Hanoi always has enough room for every soul.