Hanoi needs nearly 890 mln USD to fully convert to electric buses

Hanoi will need nearly 890 million USD in the coming years to replace all petrol- and diesel-powered public buses with electric alternatives.

The estimated cost is calculated by Hanoi Transport Corporation- Hanoi's major bus lines operator, which is operating nearly 1,100 buses on 83 normal and one BRT routes in the city.  

The number of vehicles eligible to be replaced by electric buses by 2025 is 225, accounting for over 21% of the total, the company said.

Currently, there are nine electric bus lines in Hanoi operated by Vinbus Ecology Transport Services Limited Liability Company (VinBus), a member of Vietnam’s largest conglomerate Vingroup. The first electric buses were put into operation in Hanoi in December 2021.

Under the Government action programme on green energy transition, and carbon and methane emission reduction, Vietnam aims to have 100% of new buses use electricity or green energy from 2025.

It also targets that from 2030, at least half of all vehicles and all new taxis will be powered by electricity or green energy. By 2050, 100% of buses and taxis will use these types of energy./.