The capital city of Hanoi wishes to establish itself as the hi-tech centre of Vietnam in the near future.

To touch this goal, it has targeted increasing the number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in the support industry to 300 by 2015 and 700 by 2020.

Once established and put into operation, these will be able to create high-quality products that can meet regional and international standards.

To make the dream come true, Hanoi authorities will prioritise the development of sectors such as mechanics, electrical equipment, computing devices and high technology.

In addition to encouraging enterprises to pursue external investment and learn advanced techniques from foreign countries, the city will also offer them opportunities to access preferential capital for their production and business.

Plans are also afoot to train workers into a skilled labour force for enterprises. This year, 100 training courses on business administration will be provided to 4,000 entrepreneurs and employees.-VNA