Hanoi woman spreads love for Ao Dai

Whenever wearing Vietnamese traditional long dress, ao dài, all Vietnamese women feel the special beauty and attractiveness of the costume. Ao Dai, for them, is not only a kind of dress but also a way to express their emotion and feeling. Let’s meet a Hanoi woman who shares a special love for Ao Dai!

Chu Bich Thuy, a Hanoian has a special love for Ao Dai. She has a collection of tens of sets of Ao Dai to wear on special occasions.

During weekends, when there is family gatherings, Ms Thuy also tell her younger members about the tradition of the family, and the beauty of Ao Dai, especially to her daughter who have lived overseas for many years.

Thuy won Miss Ao Dai Ambassador title at the 2019 Miss and Mrs Vietnam Global. It’s a chance for her to inspire the love for Ao Dai to all women around the world.

Ao Dai has become a symbol of Vietnamese women. The dress shows the Vietnamese women’s characteristic. Spreading the love for Ao Dai is not only Thuy’s desire, but also a wish of many others who are preserving and promoting the beauty of Ao Dai everyday./.