Two Belgian artists will take part in the upcoming Hue festival, one of the most important art festivals in Vietnam , starting on April 8.

Singer Manou Gallo and composer Max Vandervorst are set to entertain the public with their original performances after being invited to participate by the Wallonie – Bruxelles delegation in Vietnam .

Born in the Ivory Coast in 1972, Manou Gallo first performed on stage at the age of 12. Her first trip to Brussels was in 1997 and she released her first album Dida in 2002 to high critical acclaim. Her third album Lowlin (Voyages) issued in 2009 was nominated for the "MAMA Awards 2009" (MTV Africa) after she had been named Best Artist in the Ivory Coast .

Max Vandervorst, a talented composer and inventor of musical instruments, will take the stage from April 9-14.

Since 1988, he has put together a number of performances showcasing instruments he created out of a wide variety of objects. Some of his performances include Symphony for Abandoned objects, Concerto for two Bicycles, The Man from Spa, A History of Music, and This is Not a Show.

In particular, he created the House of Pataphonia in Dinant ( Belgium ) with the hope that he could make the world resonate with sound.-VNA