The southern province of Dong Nai has issued regulations on the operation of the “Kansai Desk”, which is established to provide necessary information to and assist Japanese investors in completing investment procedures.

Under the regulations, “Kansai Desk” is a unit under the Dong Nai Industrial Zone Management Board, responsible for receiving and responding to requests from businesses from Japan and particularly Japan’s Kansai region, by either direct meetings or emails and telephone.

It is expected to be bridge connecting Kansai region’s enterprises and local authorities.

Dong Nai is now home to nearly 1,100 valid foreign-invested projects with total registered capital of more than 20 billion USD.

Japan now ranks third among the foreign investors with 151 projects worth over 3 billion USD in total, mainly in support industry, electricity, electronics, health and telecommunications, according to the provincial Department of Planning and Investment.-VNA