Inspired by the tropical climate in Vietnam, two foreign artists – Jean-luc Vilmouth from France and Asami Nishimura from Japan – have created their own piece of jungle right in the heart of Hanoi.

Jungle, the name of their exhibition is now open at the Centre of French Culture in Trang Tien Street . It marks one of the outcomes of a recent artistic working camp the pair held in Hanoi . The two artists created a jungle inside a large room with big and small trees and plants watered by a dripping water system installed on the ceiling.

Drop by drop, the water leaks down onto the leaves, giving visitors the feeling they are lost in a green wilderness.

A cultural consultant with the French Embassy in Vietnam , Michel Flesch said at the opening ceremony visitors could enjoy the peace of the jungle, but, on the other hand, adventurers would also feel a hidden risk and challenges.

Pham Huy Thong, a Vietnamese artist and visitors to the exhibition, said he thought that the work looked like a local tree market. But, when he found the water dripping down from the ceiling, he felt the audio-visual nature of the exhibition.

The two artists said they were happy seeing visitors exploring their jungle. It made them think of humans living in harmony with nature. People should not lock themselves in concrete jungles while there are real amazing forests to explore.
The exhibition will run until to the end of this month at 24 Trang Tien Street, Hanoi./.