A liveshow by a Vietnamese artist living in Canada that honours dan bau, a traditional one-string musical instrument of Vietnam, has left deep impression among Hanoi music lovers.

Artist Pham Duc Thanh led audiences to all regions across Vietnam when he played Vietnamese monochord along with traditional, romantic and bolero songs performed by popular local singers.

"It is very special for a monochord player to organize a liveshow. There hasn’t been such a show like that before," said singer Trong Tan. "I think dan bau is the most worthy of being honoured among Vietnamese music instruments," he added.

Singer Thanh Thanh Hien ​said: "I love monochord because of its sound. Dan bau is the nation’s pride and it represents the country’s traditional music instruments."

Born in the northern province of Ninh Binh, Pham Duc Thanh has lived in Canada since 2006. He has impressed audiences with an image of a long hair artist in traditional dress of Vietnam.

In 2006, he was recognised by Canadian TV channel ARTV as a contributor to preserving and popularising traditional music to the world.-VNA