Modern ceramics express ideas

An exhibition at Hanoi's Heritage Space presents the essence of Vietnamese contemporary ceramics.
An exhibition at Hanoi's Heritage Space presents the essence of Vietnamese contemporary ceramics.

"The exhibition doesn't present all contemporary ceramic artists but we expect that through the magnificent artworks of these notable artists, visitors can imagine various genres of Vietnamese contemporary ceramics," said Heritage Space Director Nguyen Giang Van.

"They reveal a new, unique expression of artistry and aesthetics, creating a vastly diversified face for Vietnamese contemporary ceramics. We wish to establish an active and diverse playground for the community of ceramic artists in Vietnam, aiming to serve the growth of Vietnamese ceramics on both the national and international market."

Lan Huong may be the most unique artist of the exhibition, as she doesn't create ceramic products but rather paints them. For many years, Huong has been designing ceramic tiles at Huong Canh in the northern province of Vinh Phu.

Having been engaged with the material for such a long time, she decided to experiment with it in a series of paintings.

The series debuted at an exhibition in 2007 to wide acclaim from the public, and the paintings she displayed there sold out almost immediately.

Vuong Quan, originally an engineer, encountered ceramics when he was commissioned to work for a number of gas kilns in Bat Trang Village. Years after this initial encounter, he became devoted to the craft, creating ceramics that are unique and unprecedented in idea, experimentation and execution.

Tran Quang Hai's turn to the ceramic arts was even more sudden and surprising. Formerly a construction contractor, Hai abandoned his job to follow his artistic calling. After traveling from Huong Canh to Bat Trang to learn various methods of producing ceramics, he settled down on a small family farm in Soc Son District to concentrate on expressing his own views through pottery and ceramics.

"His work, modern and refined in form, ripe and mellowed in ideas, is a spark of the exhibition," said Van.

The exhibition also displays functional ceramics, a variety of handmade products from Mai's Ceramics, Dong Gia Ceramics and Chi's Ceramics. The works use nature-friendly materials, advocating an ecological approach to making art.

Through the exhibition, the artists also express their desire to preserve and develop traditional ceramics.

"I want to separate art-oriented ceramic works from the marketisation trend that prevails in Bat Trang Village, and to save the traditional expressions and originality of the generations before me," said Vu Thang.

The exhibition will run until the end of this month at Heritage Space (Dolphin Plaza, 28 Tran Binh Street, Nam Tu Liem district, Ha Noi).-VNA

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