The poonah paper-making craft of the Muong people in Suoi Co hamlet, Cao Son Commune, Luong Son District, has been passed down for centuries.

The paper is known for its lightness, flexibility, durability, resistance to pests, absence of smudging when written on, and resilience to tearing or dampness. Today, it is used in traditional Vietnamese folk art works, Dong Ho folk paintings, and note-taking and document storage.

With a history spanning hundreds of years, in Hoa Binh only the local Muong people produce this type of paper. To create just one sheet, artisans must invest a significant amount of time and effort, as every step is meticulously carried out by hand.

Tourism to Suoi Co to experience dó paper-making has become an attractive option for both domestic and international visitors. A trip allows tourists to learn more about the traditional craft, while helping local people preserve and promote their unique cultural heritage./.