New Year calligraphy – fine custom of Vietnamese culture

For a long time, the tradition of collecting letters has become part of Vietnamese culture on the first days of the Lunar New Year. The agile strokes of the brush contain therein good aspirations for a new year full of prosperity, luck and peace.

On each occasion of the Lunar New Year, people flock to the Youth Cultural House in Ho Chi Minh City asking for good words from scholars.

The annual cultural event aims to honour Vietnamese tradition and respect for knowledge, along with preserving and promoting the value of Vietnamese calligraphy.

According to tradition, people often ask for good words to hang in their home in the hope of a new year with good health, peace, happiness and luck.
Depending on the purpose and age of the recipients, the calligraphers will advise them with appropriate words.

Besides the familiar image of old scholars, this year’s event also saw the participation of many young calligraphers. They have helped preserve the tradition of collecting letters whenever Lunar New Year arrives./.