Consumers’ demand for organic and safe farm produces has been rising in recent times. However, organic products are in short supply. Even in localities with high potential, organic agriculture development is still modest.

Ha Giang is considered a province with a high potential for organic agriculture development due to its favourable weather and soil conditions. However, local people haven’t developed much organic cultivation yet.

Even in Hanoi, a home to early organic cultivation areas, the supply of hygienic farm produce still falls short of demand.

For example, with 30 hectares of organic farms, Thanh Xuan commune in Soc Son district, Hanoi produces 60 to 90 tonnes of agricultural products. However, production only meets a quarter of the orders the locality receives monthly.

An organic product requires hygienic breeds, soil and irrigation water. Given most agricultural area is contaminated by old farming habits, zoning areas for organic farming is difficult. Therefore, there are only 70,000 hectares of organic farms nationwide. A decree by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development coming in to force early this year is expected to give Vietnam’s organic agriculture a boost.-VNA